Top Five Dedicated Proxies Provider Online

Dedicated proxies offer high-speed connections with their fast servers. Private proxies work at a faster speed. These are safe and help you to bypass firewalls and filters. You can get a huge selection of topographical locations and maximum IP address. Dedicate proxy is a good choice to maintain the privacy of browsing history. Proxy creates a secret cache to avoid the known transfer of details between servers. If you want a reliable dedicated proxy, you can consider the proxies from top five dedicated proxies provider. Here are a few good options for you:


If you want a reliable proxy provider, you can choose Microleaves dedicated proxies. Microleaves is one of the top five dedicated proxies provider. It offers 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime and three days money back guarantee. Their dedicated proxies are ideal for business.

All of the Microleaves dedicated proxies get higher ranking on proxy checkers. Integration requires only two minutes because of their outstanding software. The uptime of dedicated IPS is 99.99%. These proxies work really well for you. With the help of special coupon code, you can save a good amount of money.

Top Five Dedicated Proxies Provider Online


You can get a beautiful experience with the use of their world class service. ProxyVoxy is one of the top five dedicated proxies provider. Their network offers 99.99% uptime. You don’t have to worry about their down time. Their network offers 1 GBPS speed without any fluctuation.

Users can get 3 days money back guarantee on every plan. Any unsatisfied customer can get 100% refund. They offer 100% unlimited bandwidth on different plans. Customers can contact them anytime with their questions. Their personnel gives instant replies of emails.

Atomic Proxy

Dedicated Atomic proxy enables you to explore a number of websites. It has filters and domain names. It is a reliable place to get your own domain name. Every domain name has its own attributes, features, and variables. Your personal domain name will help you to establish a good reputation for your company. It proves helpful to get a higher ranking. You can decrease the cost of your marketing.

It is good to establish a good reputation. It will instantly increase your traffic to almost 40%. If you want to become a successful company, you should understand the importance of location. Best domain name becomes a long-term asset for your company. Choose an intuitive and short name for your domain.

Proxy.Cheap is one of the top five dedicated proxies provider. You can get cheap proxies at an affordable price. Dedicated proxies are useful for your privacy because only a person will use them. These are fast and anonymous. The private proxy plans of are good to support HTTPS/HTTP proxies.

These proxies are fast and responsive. If you want to browse confidential websites, these proxies work really well for you. These proxies are secure for social networks. You can get multiple subnets, anonymous proxies, unlimited bandwidth, non-sequential IPS, Gigabit speeds and fast servers.


YPP (YourPrivateProxy) is another proxy service of private proxy online. These are expensive, but offer lots of additional features. These can support the Stocks5 protocol. YPP doesn’t allow the use of their proxies on Torrents, TicketMaster, ScrapeBox, xRumer, and TicketMaster. They don’t offer a refund for their proxies banned or used while the releases of sneakers.


It is a fact that dedicated proxies are secure. If you want to search something special, you should choose one of the top five dedicated proxies provider. Microleaves is a reliable choice for dedicated proxy lovers. You can manage your marketing efforts without any trouble. It will be a good start for everyone.


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